Patients Reviews


Ronald R. | Sep 20, 2022
Very pleasant

Dewey S. | Aug 04, 2022
Cecelia is always caring and i feel like i’m actually be listened to for once. She’s super kind and loving and will always make you feel great before you leave the visit.

Jaquelyn S. | Aug 04, 2022
Love Dr A - sooo kind and compassionate!

Linda H. | Aug 03, 2022
Why schedual my apt for 9:30 for the doc to arrive after 9:30 and have other people schedualed for the same time. We have to sign all this paperwork that we won't be late or we will be charged x amount of money and yet he can be over an hour late . I hate places like this. I hope not to come back. I have a job I need to be respectful of too.

Anonymous | Sep 09, 2019
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